Behaviour Support Plans & Regulated Restrictive Practices

About The Service

We make sure each participant that accesses behaviour support is appropriate to their needs which incorporates evidence-informed practice and complies with relevant legislation and policy frameworks. 

Each participant is only subject to a regulated restrictive practice that meets any state and territory authorization (however described) requirements and the relevant requirements and safeguards outlined in Commonwealth legislation and policy. 

Our Highly dedicated and experienced team hold the knowledge of understanding regulated restrictive practices as described in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Restrictive Practices and Behavior Support) Rules 2018 and knowledge and understanding of any relevant state or territory legislation and/or policy requirements and processes for obtaining authorization (however described) for the use of any regulated restrictive practices included in a behaviour support plan. 

We work closely with specialist behaviour support providers to evaluate the effectiveness of current approaches aimed at reducing and eliminating restrictive practices, including the implementation of strategies in the behaviour support plan. 

The Management Team will ensure that the plan is evaluated, and the plan writer will be kept up to date to ensure that the plan continues to be effective in reducing or eliminating restrictive practices. 

We are committed to reducing and eliminating restrictive practices through policies, procedures and practices. 

Our staff maintains the skills required to use restrictive practices and support the participant and other stakeholders to understand the risks associated with the use of restrictive practices.

We Support The NDIS

We share the mission of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to improve the lives of every Australian facing significant and permanent disabilities, as well as their carers and families. We are proud to be a registered NDIS Provider and hope you will join us in showing your support. 

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